What skills should a sales professional have today.

First of all, I want to thank the sales managers, sales managers and personnel managers who trusted me and gave me the (valuable) time of their employees either during the interview at the stage of qualitative research or at the stage of the main quantitative research. It goes without saying that I also thank the sellers for the quality of our interviews or for answering the research questionnaire “why work in sales”. Without them, this work would hardly have succeeded! I cannot forget those officials whom I met who showed great interest in this study, but who in the conditions of crisis or the transformation of their companies could not specifically participate in this study of the study. May future cooperation be possible in the near future.

The determinants of supplier performance have been the subject of extensive research, which shows that personal variables are the most explanatory factor for productivity change. At the same time, exploration of the sales professional plateau, which is still underdeveloped, suggests actions to avoid the plateau. This study proposes a structural model of the determinants of the seller’s work, based on certain personality traits: the spirit of competition, rigor, self-esteem and self-efficacy, and analyzes the relationships between these features among themselves and between effort and productivity.

This study also determines the moderation of the salesperson career plateau on certain model variables. This study demonstrates the validation of a conceptual model of the determinants of a seller’s work based on personality traits and the positive and weak moderation of a career plateau on the links between the competitive spirit, rigor, and effort and productivity that shape these personality traits. This study emphasizes the role of the triad of self-efficacy, effort, and rigor as explanatory variables for the success of successful salespeople. Another characteristic of successful sellers is the orientation of their directed efforts towards skillful efforts with a high level of effort, which aims to become a working standard for experienced sellers. On the contrary, standard sellers have a less skillful direction.

Another characteristic of successful salespeople is their self-efficacy and their ability to analyze their past and present experience to determine their active mastery experience. Successful sellers are strict and, while remaining focused on the goal that will be achieved, they know how to analyze the situation and adapt the actions and means to achieve it. Finally, the spirit of competition acts as a catalyst for this triad of personal effectiveness-effort-rigor. For successful salespeople aged 45 and under, efforts and personal effectiveness are two significant variables, and after a 45-year hiatus, rigor and a spirit of competition are accepted. The career plateau of successful sellers is a recognized plateau, especially because they live by enriching their position. This enrichment of the position is the result of stress in the role and positive experience.

Work in sales. What is a sales advisor. As a true representative of the brand, you anticipate the expectations of the client by exchanging his services and the services he appreciates, and you provide him with personal answers. You do this by attracting customers, sharing your knowledge about offers, products and services, and building trust. Wanting to ensure his complete satisfaction, you accompany the client in the grip of products and services and force him to discover all our offers. As part of the team, you contribute to the development of store turnover and retain your customer. The company expects that you will develop sales in the world of fixed communications, the Internet, mobile phones and tablets and other goods.

Do you have a sense of contact? Do you have the opportunity to listen, share and communicate? Do you like bones? The work of a commercial consultant is for you! Your mission will be to look for companies and individuals to develop your client portfolio and company turnover. You will have goal results. To do this, you will need to find a customer before the sales act, prepare an estimate or order form and ensure direct and long-term contact with the customer after the sale.