How to sell a product with benefits in the 21st century.

The advent of many digital tools and platforms has fundamentally changed the way B2B companies attract qualified customers to their sales teams throughout the year. This digital shift is pushing organizations to implement integrated marketing strategies that allow them to better focus on their respective prospects.

As a result, their sales departments are better equipped to support growth. However, the numbers are very indicative: more than 87% of marketing managers believe that they cannot accurately measure the impact of their marketing strategy on sales. To advance in the implementation of your marketing strategy, we invite you to answer together the question what is b2b sales and consider important questions: How to ensure optimal cooperation between the marketing and sales service in order to improve the overall productivity of your business? How to integrate digital technology into an overall marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and sales? How to create the right content strategy to show your experience? How to improve web links and improve the visibility of your company?

We also have three workshops where you can explore some of the most important aspects of B2B marketing: analysis and a deep understanding of the business ecosystem, alignment of marketing and sales, and optimization of your business. Lead generation strategy. Get a real competitive advantage in selling a product, maximizing the return on your marketing campaigns. We will be glad to see you among the leaders.

Faced with these problems, an international company decides to develop a branding strategy exclusively in the field of B2B. New name, new brand promise, new communication platforms. The marketing team decided to capitalize on this transformation of corporate identity to create their own B2B marketing ecosystem, distribute content and share the true culture of the brand. If your business is not just about cold calling, you will find answers to the following questions useful: How to maximize strategic positioning, branding and B2B branding? What are the challenges of B2B marketing in the context of international expansion? How to integrate digital with traditional marketing tools? How to develop a strong editorial line that can be transposed into several types of content?

Remember, to selling a product, the presence of traffic on your site is good. Attract the right people, it’s even better! This new planned, targeted and integrated online business strategy has paid off by blowing up the number of points of contact and simplifying the offer of services and products.

How to measure your results online and prove your return on investment? What elements should be considered to improve your search engine SEO? How do you determine how your web strategies turn your visitors into leads? Answers to these questions will help to more accurately determine the goals and results of work. Give an answer to the question what is b2b sales, and then proceed with the action plan.

Products are delivered at rates applicable on the day the order is placed, and, where applicable, in a specific quotation sent to the Buyer. These rates are firm and not subject to revision during the term of their validity, as indicated by the Supplier. These prices are net and ht, factory and packaging are optional. They do not include transportation, any customs fees and insurance, which are the responsibility of the Client. Note: this is just an example. Other conditions may apply. Specific pricing conditions may be applied in accordance with the features requested by the Buyer, in particular regarding the terms and conditions of delivery, as well as the terms and conditions of payment. A special quotation will be sent to the Buyer by the Supplier.

Note. Business to business (B2B), this term refers to a business activity, that is, an activity whose customers and potential customers are companies. B2B activities represent business volumes that are significantly higher than the volumes of commercial activities aimed at the final consumer.

A working group of about 20 sales and resource managers and insurance companies that make up the “solid core” for any research will help you avoid working on the principle of cold calling.